Preventative Steps To Avoid STDs

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Sexually transmitted diseases spread due to sexual contacts but can spread in other ways as well. Some types of STDs can spread even when there is only skin-to-skin contact. Most STDs are preventable if the right decisions about sexual health and activity are taken at the right time. The best way to protect oneself from STDs is to avoid all types of sexual contact. However, it is not a practical solution for most people. The next best option is to take preventative measures to limit the risks of contracting STDs.

Some STD prevention techniques are used even before the sexual act starts. Sexual contact should be limited to as few partners as possible. It is better if both partners get tested before having sex. It is important to know that an STI may be present in the body but not show up in the diagnostic test reports for some time. An STD infected person may not show any obvious symptoms or signs for a long time. In the meantime, that person can pass on the infection to another person.

Vaccines against HPV and hepatitis B are available. Both partners need to talk about their sexual history. They should undergo tests for STDs before having sex. Tests are also recommended after having sex with a partner. The person who is diagnosed with an STI should tell the partner about it. The only problem is that a partner may not be forthcoming and truthful about previous sexual activities and an STD infection.

The next best option is to practice safe sex. An appropriate barrier should be used while having any form of sex. Both male and female condoms are available in the stores. Condom or dental dams should be used when having oral sex. It is claimed that women can reduce the risks of urinary tract infections by urinating after sex. Both partners should rinse off after sex to remove as many infectious materials as possible from the skin.

It is important to use a condom correctly. The user should know how to put it on and get it off correctly. It is better to put on the condom even before the start of the sexual activity. There is a risk of condom slippage while withdrawing at the end of the sexual activity. The other risks include breakage of the condom. All such risks should be assessed. A condom has an expiry date that is printed on its package label. It should not be used after that date. A used condom should be disposed of properly and never reused. These preventative measures and safe sex practices can help avoid STDs up to an extent.

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